Which Programming Language Should I Learn: Java or Python?

Java and Python programming are two programming languages that have enjoyed top positions in the programming charts. Talking about how they achieved it, there are numerous reasons for that. While they share many qualities, such as simple syntax, community support, and incredible features, both have distinct qualities.

Making a statement that Java is the best or Python is the best will not be correct. Both languages have proven their mettle by maintaining stability in the dynamic programming world. But if you have to decide between the two, it’s essential to analyze both of them.

In this article, we will evaluate both these languages on different parameters so that you can decide which language is the best. So, let’s start with an introduction to both Java and Python.


Learning Java is also straightforward as you have plenty of institutions offering Java training in Indianapolis. This quality has made it the first language for many developers.

Java has come a long way since its inception in 1995. It is spread across from web servers to Android apps, enterprise applications to IoT devices, and Cloud computing platforms. And this is possible because of its outstanding qualities such as platform independence, simple syntax, portability, security, and libraries.

If we say Java is omnipresent, it will not be an exaggeration. Working on billions of devices, including mobile phones, desktops, servers, it is an indispensable part of our lives now. Today, it is managed by Oracle, which ensures consistent updates every six months and support to the Java community.


Python is also three decades old. First released in 1991, it is a language that has been taken with both hands by the developer community. They love it for its amazing versatility, readability, conciseness, libraries, and performance.

It has been an irreplaceable language for many applications in Web development, Game development, Cloud computing, Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence. What is impressive is that there is a library and framework for every task, so even a novice finds no difficulty accomplishing the tasks.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn: Java or Python?

Now that you have been introduced to both languages examining them on various parameters is next. The comparison will help you determine which language to choose.

Ease of learning

When you ask which language is beginner-friendly, both Java and Python get equal points. Both have a simple, English-like syntax, making it easier for the learners to grasp it within a few weeks. Most Java coding bootcamps can teach you the basics and advanced concepts in 4–6 months. The same is true for the Python language, as you can learn it in a few months with proper Python training.


In terms of codes and readability, there is a big difference, which you must know. Java coding is verbose. It means you will have to write more than ten lines of code in Java for the same program you can write in 2–3 lines of Python codes. In other words, Python has short, concise codes compared to Java. The crisp codes enhance the readability of Python and make it easier for programmers to read.

Speedy Processing

Java is quicker to process, using the ‘Just-In-Time’ (JIT) compiler. The compiler converts the Bytecode into the native machine language, making compiling faster. As a compiled language, Python needs extra time to do the same thing. Having said this, Python can’t be said slow. Python is faster in environments like massive parallel acceleration on GPUs and boots up more speedily.

Job Opportunities

There is no doubt that both programming languages excel when it comes to job opportunities. Both are key languages for web development, which has ample jobs. If you look at the web developer jobs on Glassdoor, there are 28103 web developer jobs in the United States.

But this is just one area where both languages are used. If we look category-wise, there are abundant opportunities for Java and Python learners in software development, web development, data science, Cloud, IoT, and more.


Python and Java have some of the highest-paid jobs in the USA. The average salary for a Python developer is $111,610 per year in the U.S, while for a Java developer, it is $100,832 (Indeed). So, in terms of the salary, there is not much difference. Both are highly paid and considered the best skills for tech jobs in various sectors.


To summarize, both Java and Python are good, having pros and cons. Therefore, keep your career goal in mind when choosing a language to start with. For instance, Python should be your pick if you’re going into data science and a similar field. It has better readability, performance, and library support compared to Java. Similarly, if you want to go into IoT development, Best Java coding Bootcamp is better. So, it all comes down to what your career goal is.




Hi, My name is Haley Jena and i live in California. I am a Machine expert. https://www.synergisticit.com/machine-learning-training-bay-area-ca/

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Haley Jena

Haley Jena

Hi, My name is Haley Jena and i live in California. I am a Machine expert. https://www.synergisticit.com/machine-learning-training-bay-area-ca/

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